Which are the Best Compress Image Online Tools?

Image optimization is the most important if you want your website to run faster. The best thing to do would be to use an effective optimization tool to optimize and resize the images more advanced. That can help your website get more people to visit it. 

The tools we’ve listed are reliable to reduce image and keep the original image’s quality. We’ve talked about the best online tools for reducing the size of an image. Look at the list below:

  1. Online Convert Free 

One of the best Google image optimizer tools is this one. The onlineconvertfree.com tool uses both optimizing and compressing images together. Only JPEG and PNG images can be compressed with it. 

It gives good results because it makes the images as small as possible while keeping their quality. You can easily compress to a maximum of 20 images at once.

The tool will show you the version after and before, so you can compare the quality before moving on. The quality setting lets you change the compression level for each picture separately.

  1. Squoosh

Google is testing out a web tool called Squoosh that shows high-quality images. It can be used quickly and easily. You can also move the pictures from any folder by dragging and dropping them. By choosing any of thecompress image online methods or qualities, you can easily change the size of the images.

Also, you can compress your image according to any standard, like MozJPEG, OptiPNG, WebP, etc. The quantization option also has an advanced setting that shows the file size that will be made. 

This tool also lets you use the codes differently outside of the browser. The tool has a smoothing slider and enables you to change the colors of the canvas.

  1. JPEG optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is a free online tool that lets you change images’ size and file size online. You can compress the images by choosing a level of compression from 0 to 99. Lower compression levels will allow the files to appear smaller, but the quality of the images will be quite lower.

The high compression level will make the file size bigger, but the image quality will improve. But the compression level is always set to 65. Through the resize option, the pixels and dimensions will be hence changed in a completely balanced way. 

After you’ve done all of the steps, click the “Optimize” button to get the new image that has been fixed. It also makes it easy to resize photos and change their EXIF data.

  1. Online Image Optimizer

Online Image optimizer is a free tool that lets you compress images online while keeping the quality you want. The optimized images can be used on any website, in emails, etc.

It makes the images in any format look their best by choosing the quality. You need to enter the max-width and max-height, and then good-quality images appear right before you. On the other hand, the tool has both a free and a professional version. 

About 29 euros is how much the professional version costs. It won’t add the watermark to an image that has been optimized.


The compress image tools mentioned above for optimizing images for Google offer a good way to optimize and compress images and an advanced setting for even better quality. But there aren’t many tools with paid plans that give you more storage space and useful features. 

You can change the size and quality of as many images as you want. Also, we’ve given a list of the best Google Image Optimization tools and the most important things about each. To optimize images, you can use any tool you want. All the tools will keep the images’ quality the same as before.

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