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Consider the Life Expectancies of Home Systems and Appliances When Purchasing a Home Warranty Plan

Are you considering moving into a bigger home? The process of upgrading is an exciting one, but it’s not without its share of pitfalls. Moving up means using existing systems and appliances, dealing with their quirks, and managing hidden issues. If your DIY skills aren’t up to par, home warranty plans are a worthy consideration.

Why Are Home Warranties Important?

Although they’re designed to work for years without issue, it is impossible to predict the lifespan of the average home system or appliance. A refrigerator may work well for more than ten years, but a dishwasher may wear out after about five.

The appliances and systems we use every day are subject to wear and tear, and that makes it hard for homeowners to budget for sudden breakdowns. A home warranty plan from 2-10, however, will protect you from the unexpected.

In the sections below, we will outline the importance of warranty coverage by evaluating the average lifespans of some common home appliances and vital systems.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Like other parts of the home, heating and air conditioning units need routine maintenance to work at peak efficiency. These systems, when properly maintained, are designed to serve families for upwards of 25 years. A home warranty bridges the gap between scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs, covering these units when they stop working suddenly.

Stoves and Ovens

Even the most advanced kitchens are incomplete without a stove and an oven. Ranges serve families well for 15 years or more, but they still need occasional service. Many people assume that electric ranges don’t last as long as those powered by gas, but it’s a common misconception. If your stove stops working, our home warranty plans will help you get it fired back up again.


A working refrigerator is another indispensable part of a modern kitchen; we wouldn’t be able to enjoy fresh food without it! The average refrigerator lasts about 15 years or so, but it seems as if new ones aren’t as durable. No matter how old your fridge is, a home warranty plan protects it from unpredicted breakdowns.


The life expectancy of a washing machine is about ten years with proper care. By maintaining some of these machines’ most crucial components, including the filter, trap, and drain hoses, you’ll prevent the most common problems.

As important as washing machine maintenance is, many users forget these routine tasks—leading to messy and expensive results. A home warranty plan from 2-10 provides an ideal solution that reduces the need for costly repairs and replacements. Keep the clean laundry coming with a home warranty!

Protect Your Home and Its Vital Systems with a Warranty Plan

Whether you’re moving into a starter home or upgrading from a smaller place, it’s important to protect existing appliances and systems. Contact the experts at 2-10 to learn about warranty options or to purchase a plan that protects your family from the unpredictable.