13 MacBook Tips That Will Simplify Your Workflow

MacBook can act as a first-hand assistant to make your workflow more efficient and productive. Want to learn what you can do with your MacBook? You can use your laptop for securing other devices, watching movies, signing documents, listening to podcasts, and more. 

Here are some of the most impressive features that will make your life easy.

Recover Online Passwords

The MacBook has something great to help you maintain your privacy. A Keychain is a tool that enables you to keep track of the login credentials for all your online accounts. In case you want to save your credentials and wish to save some insights within your device. It’s one of the things your MacBook will offer you to maintain your username and password credentials without memorizing them all.

Make Memes Natively 

Memes have subtle ways to entertain and make the point across in a sarcastic or satiric way. The MacBook has amazing editing features that can replace any other additional app. 

It includes a special meme look feature that can edit and convert your images into different sizes and formats. You can create your fun art by using it.

Fix Issues Easily

Resolving issues on macOS is easy. If you are having difficulty running an app or handling a simple computing task, your MacBook might require an update. According to https://setapp.com/, you must update the operating system on your MacBook as soon as a new version is available to keep it free from technical glitches. 

Record Screen Quickly

When your screen clicks do not justify what you aspire to share from your device, you can create a screen recording with your MacBook. It helps you record the entire screen or the area to showcase your work. It’s one of the features that makes it reliable in various ways. 

E-Sign Digital Documents


Did you know that you have a feature that can be used as a handy e-signature tool? There is no need to run through the web or have tool subscriptions to sign your documents. 

You can use your MacBook to sign PDFs and documents to send away. Get it done by opening the Preview application and digitally signing your files.

Switch App Windows

You can switch the windows in your MacBook and work on tools simultaneously. 

It helps to organize tasks while seamlessly managing them. You can create shortcuts and move the screen as per your comfort. It’s probably one of the productivity features that you should practice with your device. 

Explore Dictionary Look-up 

You can instantly search for the meaning of the words by simply selecting them. You can use a MacBook and easily access the dictionary rather than using specific applications or using a new tab to find that out. 

It maintains the flow of your reading and work that you are invested in, ultimately increasing your efficiency.

Vibe With Music 

MacBook devices have cool music displays with which you can experience musical vibes on a different level. It’s enjoyable to use such features to enhance the overall experience. 

If you are not able to listen to the music, ensure that the right device is selected in the output settings.

Annotate Files 

You can annotate your files, documents, and images with your device. It helps you while working on paper editing. 

You can be suggestive while reviewing and make your point across then and there to other editors too. This feature makes editing your PDF and files unchallenging.

Sort With Spotlight 

Find any of the MacBook’s data by using a simple tool that works as a spotlight and enables you to reach the content using keywords or key phrases. 

It’s the quickest way to find your work and the things you need in hand. You will get the results within seconds on your screen. If the Spotlight is not working appropriately, you may need to update your computer.

Disconnect Wi-Fi 

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One of the best features that the MacBook has is that it disconnects the Wi-Fi when not in use without turning it off from the source. It helps to save the battery and protects the device from various security glitches.

Screenshot Specifics 

Use your MacBook to save screenshots that don’t capture the screen entirely. You can click and adjust part of your screen and leave the rest. 

It saves the editing parts and makes sharing and keeping records of your work easy. Using the in-built screenshot app, you can either capture the entire MacBook screen or select a portion of the display. 

Merge Multiple PDF

There’s a feature that helps you add different images into one file. You can collect multiple images to create a single PDF file and send it all together and ready to use. 

It makes it convenient for you to organize files and documents on your MacBook in a constructive mode. You can easily locate the files when you need them the most.

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