360-degree Conference Cameras

List of 360 Conference Cameras

Technological innovations, like 360 conference cameras, have radically altered how and where business meetings are held. Virtual meetings are critical for innovative organizations to grow, globalize, and establish and maintain strong connections with customers, sellers, contractors, shareholders, and consumers. With more people working from anywhere, the rise of immediate, on-demand connectivity, and the globalization of businesses, it is prudent to invest in a 360 conference camera. Here are some conference cameras you should definitely get your hands on for this purpose. Get one of these conference cameras for yourself today and enjoy your meetings to their fullest. 

This blog tells you about the different 360 conference cameras in the industry.

Meeting Owl

This is a video conferencing camera designed to keep everyone in the loop. By delivering a dynamic and immersive experience, the 360 conference camera enables remote team members and on-site employees to communicate effortlessly and naturally. The USB cable for the Owl needs to be plugged into your computer, as well as into the base of the Owl. If you hear a hoot after you plug in the Owl’s power adapter, you’ve just plugged in your Owl’s power adapter. You can join a meeting by selecting Schedule, Join or Start with video, or by following your Zoom invite link. By clicking on Computer, you can join an audio conference.


What can be better than a handy and easily transportable conference room camera? The COOLPO 360 conference camera is easy to use and gives your 4k quality videos for doing any sort of meeting. Connecting with people has never been easier. It is also affordable and you can get it for cheaper during deals and promotions. It is easy to carry as the mini COOLPO is lightweight but works beautifully. This is an all-in-one deal for you. All the AI-integrations you need are here for you, at a much better deal.


Another portable camera that can easily fit inside your bag and you can carry it to any room you would like to transform into a conference room. Another great advantage is the light settings in it. Even if the conference room is not lit up fully, the Mevo plus camera captures the video perfectly. It gives you 1080p HD video and you can also zoom onto anything with the camera easily. It has a memory card included and works smoothly with Wi-fi. 

Kandao Meeting Pro

Kandao Meeting Pro is another conference room camera that has the ability to capture flawless videos for business meetings you do with your clients or partners. This camera can be costly but has tons of amazing features that are irresistible. It works smoothly with Bluetooth and also has a remote you can use to control the various settings in it. It also works with all sorts of connecting equipment such as wi-fi, HDMI, or even the Ethernet cable. There is also a USB port that can be attached to it. This 360 conference camera captures the entire conference room flawlessly so the connection between you and your partners does not experience any problems. With its unique speakers, the sound is also obvious and you can hear each and every word clearly and without any other noise. 


360 conference cameras are great for conferences. They help you create an immersive experience and improve the way you communicate. You can also show off your work in a high-production-value environment. However, it is important to choose the right 360 conference camera for the job. The best conference cameras are those that can capture stunning 4k footage. This means you get the best quality videos and photos you could possibly imagine. You will also have the option to zoom in on the action as needed.

These 360 conference cameras are also great when used in organizations like medical practices or law firms. They allow you to create an immersive environment and get to know your clients much better than you could just be sitting at a desk. They also increase the quality of your communications. The best conference cameras make it easy to interact with clients and partners. Many of them even have built-in microphones so you can actually have a conversation with them even if they are not in front of you.

The best way to choose the right conference camera is to start by looking at the features it offers. These include the ability to connect to different kinds of computers and other devices, the quality of the image it produces, the quality of the sound it captures, and the type of lens it has. Once you have established the most important features in a 360 conference camera, you can start to consider other factors such as price and brand.