Today is slated to have another article comparing tyres. In this essay, we will contrast Cooper Tire and BF Goodrich. Both have internationally known brands. They are well-known for carrying a vast selection of tyres for a variety of vehicle models. American enterprises are another similarity they share. Let’s begin the comparative process.


The K02 is an all-terrain tyre designed for use on CUVs, SUVs, and 4×4 vehicles. The tyre offers the perfect balance of use on and off-road. That is only one of the K02’s many wonderful features. The tyres have a more rigid sidewall for greater durability and to lessen sidewall damage.

Greater durability is achieved with CoreGard Technology, which also contributes to longer tread life. It is prevented from getting lodged in the tyres by the stone ejectors. There are consequently fewer cases of tread damage, early wear, and strain. Another distinguishing feature is the serrated shoulder design and mud-phobic bars.

These two qualities improve traction in slick conditions, such as mud, and keep the tread from clogging. We also enjoy how cosy they are. When it comes to noise, the tyres are regarded as being exceptionally quiet. Numerous tests and feedback from our consumers have confirmed this to be true. Goodrich offers tyres in every size for a variety of vehicles that may operate on terrain with many dimensions.

On the other hand, the Cooper A/T3TM is readily available. It is an excellent tyre designed for usage on any surface. Cooper’s 6-rib structure allows it to deliver steady performance on all types of services throughout the whole year. Along with superior year-round performance, the 6-rib design is also responsible for better stability, handling, and longevity.

The circumferential grooves on these tyres are quite wide. This quality improves traction on slick and uneven surfaces. Risks like hydroplaning are fully removed when the vehicle is equipped with the Cooper A/T3TM. Along with hydroplaning, the broad circumferential grooves reduce the likelihood of stone retention.

Stone retention is the principal cause of traction loss in off-road situations. Stones can reduce the durability of the tyres. On the other hand, the four circumferential grooves mechanically remove the stones from the tread. This increased the tyres’ traction and durability off-road. The Cooper tyre is an excellent investment all around.


There is no clear victor here. In this comparison, both tyres have demonstrated that they are suitable for your SUV, CUV, or 4×4 vehicle. Both the T/A KO2 and the A/T3TM are superior tyres with features that complement one another. They perform identically on all terrain types, including off-road, which is their strongest characteristic. Consequently, you can expect a durable, high-performance tyre regardless of which tyre you select.

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