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Gotham Knights The most recent project by Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montreal. The apparent death of Batman has created a gap for Gotham City, and so Batman’s former comrades have come together to take on The Court of Owls, the Talons, and anyone else who would like to watch Gotham fall.

There isn’t much information concerning this particular Gotham Knights story at this stage, but we’ve managed to unravel a few pieces of information from this trailer and form some reasonable guesses. How did Batman die? Are we really sure he is dead? These are the questions we’ll need to wait to find out the answers, but we do know some crucial information that WB Games has already confirmed.

We’ve combined all of the official information, plus some wild speculation to give you all the information you must be aware of Gotham Knights. We’ll continue to update this site as we discover more. If you’re looking for time to find the Gotham Knights release date you’re looking for trailers, stories, information about gameplay, or what we believe that the Court of Owls is up to in Gotham Knights, read on.

Gotham Knights has been delayed until 2022.

Warner Bros. recently delayed the Gotham Knights release window to 2022.

In the beginning, when it was set to have a 2021 launch date The studio then posted an update on Twitter with a vague explanation of the delayed launch. The reason for the delay was not specific however, like most current events it’s likely that the pandemic is having an adverse effect on the progress of Gotham Knight.

At the very least the four playable Gotham Knights characters.

Batman: Gotham Knights takes place following the demise of Batman The Gotham Knights assemble to bear the Dark Knight torch. Warner Bros. confirmed during an interview following the unveiling it Gothan knights will include “a whole host of playable characters,” however, the content so far is focused on Batgirl. Also, we have seen Robin joining forces with Batgirl at times for a game of co-op. It’s also confirmed that you’ll be able to play any character of Batman and Robin from the Gotham Knights crew, including Nightwing and Red Hood.

The Batcave has gone and its new home is now Belfry. Belfry Surprise It’s a surprise that the new Batman game is set in the dimly lit alleyways as well as busy avenues that makeup Gotham City, and it seems like there’s a wide range of neighborhoods to explore. However, it’s clear that there’s a difference. Gotham Knights aren’t operating out of the Batcave as it was destroyed after Batman was killed. Instead, they’re making use of Belfry as their base. Belfry to serve as the new home base.

In the comics’ lore the Belfry was first introduced in 2016 as a place for Batman to educate superheroes. Batwoman continued to run day-to-day operations. It also served as the base of a group called Gotham Knights.

According to the graphic novels, Belfy even features a room similar to that of the X-Men’s Danger Room or Star Trek’s Holo Deck, called the “Mud Room in which Clayface is able to create traps and other similar items which the crew can practice against. We didn’t see anything similar to this on the show, and we’re just speculation, but it’ll be fascinating to discover what happens when Warner Bros. implements the new base.

The Gotham Knights story is completely original

There are many familiar faces and locations, Gotham Knight tells a story that is completely its own and isn’t dependent on any other comic book characters. “It’s a completely original story,” says Fleur Marty, the executive producer of Gotham Knights in an interview with GamesRadar

The Court of Owls is a huge area of interest

In the first trailer of Gotham Knights the Court of Owls will become one of the principal villains of the title. They are a new part of the DC comics series, which has Batman confront the organized crime syndicate. Because Batman appears to be gone within Gotham Knights, it’s possible that the Court of Owls is responsible as well as the Gotham Knights are on a mission to get revenge. It’s pure speculation.

A small teaser trailer in the movie Gotham Knights puts further emphasis on the Court of Owls. The short animation appears to reveal the labyrinth that the group uses to keep Batman in captivity and feed him a drink of narcotics.

The comic books depict it as a fact that Batman was a foster child of Nightwing when he was abandoned following the loss of his family in an event. If you’re into learning more about the history of your favorite Gotham Knights characters, you can check out comic back issues. Fast forward to the year 2011’s Court of Owls storyline, and it is shown that this circus served as actually a training place of members of the Court of Owls’ Talons which is the group’s legion of assassins. It’s revealed that Nightwing was preparing to become the Talon. In contemporary comics it’s there’s a possibility that the Court of Owls returns in an attempt to rescue Nightwing. It’s purely speculation, however, Gotham Knights might draw inspiration from this storyline and possibly see Nightwing locked up within the Court of Owls’ labyrinth as well as the other Gotham knights embarking on rescue missions.

Mr. Freeze can be described as one of Gotham Knights villains.

There will be many villains standing in the way of Gotham Knights and the safety of Gotham Knights and the safety of Gotham City, but we are aware of one to be Mr. Freeze, a specialist in cryogenics and the result of a mishap in a laboratory that forced him to wear the freezing suit of his survival.

For some context, Mr. Freeze has tried to control and/or freeze the entire city of Gotham on at least a few occasions in his comics. In one of these instances in the miniseries 2017-2018 Batman: White Knight, Mr. Freeze constructs a massive freeze cannon beneath the lighthouse that is located inside Gotham City. Harley Quinn (using the name Neo-Joker) locates the cannon and is able to take it over, destroying Gotham completely, leaving Mr. Freeze along with Batgirl to work together to clean up the mess. It’s unlikely that we’ll witness any kind of alliance between one of the heroes or villains, but that’s not beyond the realm of possibility now.

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