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The game was first announced in June of 2020 and is set to launch on what will be the 25th anniversary of the series, Gran Turismo 7 is almost here following the 2021 PlayStation Showcase information dump.

Following the success of GT Sport, GT7 will be a massive racing game that expands on Polyphony Digital’s acclaimed PS4 release. The game is also due to be released in the near future. Therefore, with no further delay, we’ll look at the trailer, images, and information released thus far to present you with the major aspects.

Everything you’ll need to know about the Gran Turismo 7Thomas Henry-Lord

Thomas Harrison-LordPosted on September 10 2021. Everything you need to be aware of regarding Gran Turismo 7

The game was first announced in June 2020 and then launched on the 25th anniversary of the series, Gran Turismo 7 is almost here following the 2021 PlayStation Showcase information dump.

Following the success of GT Sport, GT7 will be a massive racing game that will build on Polyphony Digital’s acclaimed PS4 release. It’s due for release in the next few days. So, without further delay, we’ll look at the trailer, images, and information released thus far to present you with the major aspects.


Gran Turismo 7 will be launched for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The game was originally thought to be only on the more recent console, gamers who haven’t been able to acquire the PS5 will also be getting an exclusive Sony game on their shelves shortly.

The footage that has been released was shot on PS5 at this point, but we’ll know more information about the PS4 version closer to the time for release.


The release date of Gran Turismo 7 is 4th March 2021.

The norm is that you have to wait for four years to get a new Gran Turismo and then all suddenly, it feels like a frenzied rush in the day of the launch. It’s a lot further ahead than what many people expected.


A feature that gamers have been asking for since a while an active weather system is in Gran Turismo 7. Rejoice!

There was rain on certain tracks in GT Sport, but the conditions were established. The conditions will alter as the course of an event.

From the trailer of the game, as well as some of the screenshots released by Sony we can observe the tightly sloping Japanese circuit of Tsukuba as well as the Circuit de la Sarthe located in Le Mans, France both raced in rain. For the latter, it is in the rain, and also at night as well.

The photos depict both tracks at different stages of the weather. The static image of the track’s Turn 7 shows it in the rain, later in the sun however, the most important thing is an the overcast stage, which is dry racing lines appearing.

There are also three photographs from Circuit de la Sarthe across the straight that starts and finishes, and in the sunny, dry image, there’s the slight hint of dampness.

Ah… There’s more! there’s the Nordschleife that was also featured in the latest trailer on a drizzly German evening. Making a flawless lap will be a thrilling challenge.

It’s an important advancement for The GT franchise, but we aren’t sure the specifics of this, whether it is for selected sites or all. We can tell you that Polyphony Digital team used academic databases from NASA to study meteorological data and, of course, they did. Polyphony Digital is the company that perfectly recreated the moon’s appearance within Gran Turismo 6.


One of the main attractions of the previous GT games was their addictiveness in buying automobiles. It is a good thing that it’s back in the seventh installment.

The trailer does not contain this information However, an official photo has been released that shows that the Used Car Dealership. In the past GT games it was updated every day and not all vehicles are available at every check-in, the inventory moving through and some vehicles are more difficult to locate in comparison to others.

In addition on top of that, there’s the Gran Turismo Cafe – yes this is a thing will also offer a metagame in which you have to take cars from a predetermined menu. Cheers, Luca. In the scenario we will purchase three compact cars We assume that these would be the first stage in the sport.

We can also see in the footage that the most rare antique, collectible and historic vehicles are located in a ‘Brighton Historicals storage facility, similar to a real-world auction house or collector’s business.

This is totally different from GT Sport, where you could simply browse through all the cars on the Brand Central and should provide an exciting journey through the various vehicle types. (EOP1)


The well-known countdown sound. The idea of having to break inside a box. Not getting the silver medal in one thousandth an inch.

Take a seat, the stress is coming back. There’s not footage of this, however the basic tasks are presented in the menu graphic.

In this photo, we can see that there are five licenses you can get: National B, National A, International B, International A and a Super Licence. Let it roll.


Alongside the Cafe to collect cars along with the return of the licence tests, they will be paired with the advancement in GT Sport. In theory, GT Sport offers the most effective of both.

On the top of images that are UI-driven, you will look at the overall levels like 7. In addition, you can see the amount of points of experience you require to move up towards the next step. For GT Sport, the level cap was 50 . As an avid player who played it for nearly every week since its the launch, I’m only at 47. But the work is hard.

The experience points that are near the level is easier than it was in the past, since it was previously obscured by the menu.

It is also evident it’s the Daily Workout is back. Join the game and take on 26.21 miles in driving, regardless of game mode during the day, and you’ll be awarded an unspecified car for free.

The combination of the experience points, levels, and workouts every day with licenses, car collection and Menu Books will ensure that you never run out of anything to aim for.


Each Gran Turismo fan will be thrilled to know that there are plenty of GT legends returning to the track and car rosters.

Let’s begin in the racetracks. The most exciting thing is the return of High Speed Ring, which has been a mainstay of the series from the beginning of the Gran Turismo game. A fairly straightforward layout, it features a broad banked corner that starts the lap, followed by the sharper banked corner for the final lap, with four corners at the middle.

In GT7 it is a completely new design since its appearance in GT6 and features a massive grandstand in the final corner, an aesthetically stunning dam in the infield , and new run-off of green asphalt.

Trial Mountain makes another appearance following the 2020 unveiling as well. It appears that the updated version of the classic track has seen some adjustments that have been made to the chicane at the end. It’s not quite as enjoyable in a hot lap scenario initially, but could give better overtaking opportunities. They can’t claim that it was modified to improve safety…

It is interesting to note that there are no new tracks in this series has been revealed at the moment We will need to keep an eye to the ground for any further information on this front.


It sure appears that Polyphony Digital is standing by its original trailer that was released in 2020 “Gran Turismo is, well and truly, back”. The latest technology is paired with classic and widely admired games and content. This is the kind of drink I’d like to have and can’t wait to try it.

What are your thoughts of GT7 to date? Do you think it’s something you’ve been waiting for? Or will you stick to GT Sport?

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