Packaging Bottle Designs

Trending Juice Packaging Bottle Designs

Product packaging is the silent yet reliable salesperson on the store shelves and company websites. The packaging design is a crucial component of product appeal.

What are the most essential things? Packaging artwork should be appealing and, at the same time, convey information about its contents.

In the modern marketplace, custom bottle labeling is more significant than in the earlier years. It’s crucial to take into account the details of an appealing packaging design, given the intense competition on the market. In a little amount of space, you must grab the interest of your target audience and make your point.

When designing a juice bottle, think of something that would be entertaining, convey a positive message about health, and go well with the drink.

Being innovative will move your beverage from the shelf into the consumer’s shopping cart. Below are some things you might consider incorporating into your next juice bottle label.


For some years now, minimalism has become popular in food packaging. Even in juice packaging, it still reigns supreme. Businesses that prefer minimalism only provide basic information and don’t use a lot of text.

PACKAGING STRATEGY 2: Be Child-friendly

Parents have always been very protective of their children and will always double-check what they consume to ensure that their health is not at risk. Positioning your beverage as a healthier alternative to soft drinks is a way of attracting more customers. Design single-serve bottles that are easy for a child to hold while drinking.

PACKAGING STRATEGY 3: Use Graphics to Tell A Story

Every image has a story to tell, and tales are excellent for establishing a connection with your audience. A few images will not only improve the visual appeal of your goods but also provide the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship.

PACKAGING STRATEGY 4: Choose Specific Custom Fonts

Do you want your bottle to stand out? Using custom typefaces is a fantastic way to do just that. Cursive scripts and hand-lettering offer a customized experience that will set your goods apart.


Photography is an upcoming trend in the world of juice packaging, but you can use it to gain a competitive edge. Use images of actual people or things to give your product a distinctive appearance.

PACKAGING STRATEGY 6: Use Matching Bottle Caps

A colored top to match the juice color is a growing trend, and translucent bottles are frequently used to reveal color consistency. Colored tamper-evident caps are a common option for both aesthetics and customer protection. A splash of color may evoke feelings and affect purchasing decisions, while the tamper-evident cap provides protection.

PACKAGING STRATEGY 7: Employ Screen Printing

While a distinctive juice label is a great way to distinguish your product from the competition, printing directly on the bottle is slowly becoming a trend. This ensures that the contents can be clearly seen, giving the product a clean appearance and portraying a professional image and a feeling of transparency.

PACKAGING STRATEGY 8: Consider Vintage Designs

Antique designs are becoming more popular. A retro graphic style evokes sentiments of nostalgia, which will increase clients’ attachment to your brand. They will be transported back in time to the days of traditional lemonade stalls, innocence, and purity.