benefits of bopp bags

What are the benefits of bopp bags?

What is Bopp block bottom bag?

Bopp block bottom bag is high clarity and made from food grade BOPP material which is 50um in thickness.

In this case, BOPP block bottom bag is an ideal alternative to costly paper bags. These bags feature a brick-like shape and are laminated with woven polypropylene in order to provide the same eye-catching, high-resolution graphics as all other BOPP bags. 

Bopp Block bottom bags are particularly suitable for filling bulk goods such as spices, tea and coffee because of their ability to form a standing surface when deployed.

All contents of the bag can be removed without leaving any residue in the fold because a sealing seam forms the bottom and no adhesive is used. Additionally, coarser foods can be removed, while thicker foods can be safely stored in block-bottom bags. The tough plastic film ensures dry storage and long life for packaged foods. Their odorless properties make them a perfect choice for food packaging.

What are the benefits of bopp bags?

Perfect for Printing

You can now print up to 10 colors of vivid photographic printing on BOPP film, which will take your bags to a whole new level, and reverse printing technology assures the graphic is printed on the inner side of BOPP film, which ensures your brand cannot be scratched off by normal use.

High Tensile Strength

As the woven polypropylene fabric has a high tensile strength and the BOPP plastic has a high tensile strength as well, when these two high tensile strength materials are combined together it will be able to provide extraordinary stability and durability to hold as much as 50kg capacity.

Totally Customizable

There are many additional features that BOPP bags can provide in order to meet a variety of packing applications, such as matte finish or glossy finish surfaces, anti-slipping surfaces for stacking high, microperforated, with or without gusset, handle, transparent window to view the inside condition of the food.

A Good Barrier

The multi-wall structure of the BOPP bag prevents the bag from puncturing or breaking, and the lamination layer of the BOPP bag provides an extra barrier between the bag and the air and humidity. Furthermore, BOPP film is UV-resistant, so it will protect the food from potential UV damage.


No matter if you are filling or transporting the products, BOPP bags will protect them well, and the bags with a better appearance will increase sales as well. Bags that cannot be easily torn up lower overall costs. Moreover, by using fewer layers than paper bags, BOPP options weigh less, thus saving you money on shipping charges and weight.

Environmentally Friendly

Despite the fact that it is a composite bag, BOPP bags are actually mono-material solutions. BOPP bags are composed of 100% polypropylene and are recyclable (although they are not biodegradable) after their use as packaging materials. They can also be converted into a useful secondary resource once they have been used.

BPB PACKING-Bopp bags manufacturer

The company was founded in 2003 and is owned by Nanjing Sky Land Business & Industrial Co., Ltd. In the past few decades, they have been well known in the plastic soft packaging industry because they specialize in offering a wide range of bags and customized packaging solutions to the food, packing, forwarding and pharmaceutical industries. Using PE, PP, OPP and other laminated materials, they manufacture zipper bags, slider bags, flat poly bags, and square bottom bags. All of their products are exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan and Korea. In the past, they have always placed the highest priority on product quality and product security in the first place, from the purchase of raw materials to production of the final product, all production procedures strictly adhering to International Standard Regulations.