Makeup Bag Essentials Checklist

Makeup Bag Essentials Checklist

It can be difficult to pack for a trip when you love makeup and getting ready for every event possible. You will want to bring every single one of your favourite makeup item with you on your journey, but limited space in the makeup bag does not allow that. But no need to worry about it at all! Packing a few essential items can do wonders to your glam routine. From lipstick, compact mirror and blushes, here are a few essentials you should always keep in your makeup bag to avoid any discomfort during your travel.

Primer and Sunscreen

Not only makeup essentials, but also skin care products. A primer and sunscreen are the base of your beauty routine. What sort of travel you are going on is an important question to ask before you choose your sunscreen. If you’re going to the beach, a waterproof sunscreen is the perfect choice. Also keep a look at the SPF. The hotter the area, the higher SPF should be used. Primer is the base before you apply foundation or concealer. Even if you do not plan on using those, always keep these two important items.

Compact Mirrors

A mirror is another extremely important component for your beauty routine. It can be possible that you do not find any mirrors on your way to the destination. A compact mirror is the best way to do a quick touch-up anywhere, anytime and in any condition. You can check your hair, skin and even do makeup while looking at the palm sized mirrors. These are extremely useful and a must have for your makeup bag.

Cream Blushes

To use products to their fullest, try keeping their cream versions. For example, a cream blush is the perfect options to take while traveling. This is because it comes in a travel friendly packaging, is pigmented and has multiple uses. You do not have to keep brushes with a cream blush since it can easily be applied with your hands. Similarly, a cream blush also plays the role of a lipstick. And vice versa. Both these products can be used as a blush, lip cream and eyeshadows for the perfect monochrome looks. It also saves space for other products in the bag.

Eyeliner and Mascara

No makeup look is complete without this pair. Eyeliners come in liquid, marker and pencil packaging. A pencil liner works best for travels since it is much easier to use. For choosing a mascara, remember to buy a waterproof one. Mascara that can smudge easily is a big no for long travels. Your eyes would have personalized smokey eye makeup before you even reach halfway with a mascara that smudges easily.

Above mentioned items are the few important products that should always be in your makeup bag no matter what. Just with these essentials, you can create a simple beauty routine that is easy and gorgeous at the same time. It never has to be hundreds of products for a perfect look! The less it is, the better it looks for traveling.