Over time we have had beauty standards evolve. The focus now has moved towards having an hour glass shape for women in this time. 

In the past, the goal was to look as slim and slender as possible. As almost every lady dreamt of being seen as a ‘model’. Magazines and the media paraded slim tall models as the epitome of beauty. 

In present times, we have the beauty standards accommodating women who look bigger and the desperation to look slender has changed. The goal for many is to have nice looking boobs and butt. We have women going for surgeries, taking supplements and using shape wears to try to give their body a more desirable look under their clothes. 

Shape wears seem to be more affordable, pose less of a risk and easier to use to achieve these beauty goals. We have shapewears that act as waist trainer, butt lifting shapewear and full body shaper that do an amazing job. This is why we can see more of them in the market now.  

Benefits of a butt lifter

Butt lifters are used to help the skin and muscle of the butt firm to prevent the loss of its essential muscle tone and natural elasticity. Here are some benefits of using butt lifters:

1. They help clothes look better as the necessary arch at the back is created to give a more pleasing appearance.

 With perkier firmer butt, it helps to improve self-confidence and esteem.

3. Butt lifters are most times very comfortable and so very easy to have on and cause no pain if got in the right size.

4. While they are primarily for enhancing the appearance of the butt, they tend to also give a curvy sexy look.

5. They provide a safer option than other options that take more time, energy and resources to give similar results.

 Types of butt lifters

Full bodysuit butt lifter: We have a lot of full body shapers that have butt lifters they can come in various styles. Either in form of elastic body suits with tummy control or waist trainer fusions with zippers or hooks. These are the most recommended, as they serve for not only the butt but help to make the burst, waist and hip look even better.


2. Panty butt lifter: These come in form of panties but with tighter, more elastic fabric which help to hold the shape and volume of the butt. It comes with or without tummy control/waist trainers which is suitable for persons who are not worried about having their tummy tucked in. They are very good for wearing with trousers or leggings, as they will not leave lines showing or make you uncomfortable.


3.Tights/Shorts Butt lifter: This is another very common type of butt lifter as this helps to lift the hips as well. They also can come with tummy control and in different formats and materials. They are usually great for wearing beneath gowns or skirts. 


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