Best 250cc Dirt Bike For Sale Under $500

1. Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Bikes– Best General.

Razor U.S.A. is understood for making some of the most effective bikes in Canada and the United State, as well as Razor MX350 Bike is no exception. Ever since Razor launched its kick scooter, Razor has actually come to be a household name worldwide of cycling.

The MX350 dirt rocket is a best starter bike for your youngster. The 24volt motorcycle is effective sufficient to stop your kids from obtaining burnt out even while the full speed is kept in check.

With a charging time of between 4 to 6 hrs, this bike can offer your child a full throttle of 15 mph and a run time of concerning half an hour. The developers of this bike did it justice, as they made it feasible for your child to understand the cyclist fundamentals. The MX350 has a functional twist throttle and functional brakes on the right handle.

Beginning the MX350 is rather easy. All your youngster needs to do is flip the button where the gas cap on a typical bike would certainly be.

This electrical dirt bike is powered by a 12-volt rechargeable battery and a chain-driven motor that is extremely peaceful.

To make it even more enjoyable, it has a flexible handle, so you can elevate or decrease the take care of to fit your youngster’s body size easily. Plus, the non-slip rubber grasps supply a trustworthy hold that can keep your kid’s hands in location.

Razor is marketing this bike for 13 years and above, yet it may be too tiny for regular 13-year-olds and would certainly be perfect for more youthful children, around 5 to 7 years old.

The only negative thing about the MX350 is that it has no suspensions. Yet its inflated tires can assist with shock absorption.

Conclusion: With a maximum speed of about 15mph, this can be a best means to present your youngster to the cyclists’ world. Razor MX350 is designed to offer your youngster an enjoyable riding experience while teaching them how to handle a real bike.

2. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500 Mcgrath Electric Motocross Bike-FFP.

Influenced by Jeremy McGrath, the motocross superstar, the SX500 is among one of the most popular dirt bikes in the market.

The SX500 includes authentic McGrath graphics as well as a high-quality frame. So your youngsters can have a good time with this scaled-down dirt bike with a reliable electrical motor.

If you contrast this to the entry-level MX350, the SX500 is a stronger upgrade with various distinct functions. It does have countless advanced functions of the MX350, like the flexible take care of with expensive fairing.

The SX500 has a reliable high torque motor powered by a 36-volt (three 12-volt) battery system. And to keep the youngsters secure, it has a closed system, so you won’t need to bother with them getting melted. The closed drive system likewise helps protect against dirt from getting into the motor.

Unlike the MX350, the SX500 has a twin suspension since it’s faster and also needs a reputable shock absorber.

For far better hold at broadband, this bike’s tires have thicker and bigger knobs. Consequently, they are much more wearable as well as can manage challenging surfaces.

To quit the bike at broadband, it has twin disk brakes. This bike is likewise larger than MX350, so you have to instruct your child how to utilize it prior to letting them enjoy. Unfortunately, some parents have actually grumbled that the batteries do not hold the charge well.

Final thought: The SX500 is a better variation of the MX350 with better features. When totally billed, your youngsters can enjoy concerning 40 mins of continual usage.

3. Razor SX350 Dust Rocket McGrath Electric Motocross.

Like the SX500, Razor SX350 was motivated by the best motorcyclist in the background of motocross, Jeremy McGrath. This motorcycle features an MX-frame and McGrath graphics that makes it a flawlessly scaled-down variation of McGrath’s bike for young motorcyclists.

SX350 features pneumatically-driven knobby tires that can conveniently take care of a vast array of surface. The knobby tires give optimal assistance, making it simple for your youngster to tackle both sloppy and soft dust.

To maintain your kids safe, it features a back braking system that can stop the bike also when cruising at top speed. SX350 has spoked wheels and also a retractable kickstand that sustains the bike when parked.

This bike is powered by 2 12-volt rechargeable batteries as well as has a maximum speed of about 14mph. So, your kid can have constant enjoyable of up to thirty minutes when the bike is completely charged. It’s not perfect though as some moms and dads have whined that it doesn’t have suspensions. But its significant off-road tires do play an essential duty when it comes to shock absorption.

Conclusion: The SX350 is a scaled-down variation of the SX500 that’s made for more youthful youngsters. This premium bike can give your youngster concerning half an hour of continuous fun when completely charged.

4. Razor MX125 Electric-Powered Motorcycle.

Before MX125 was introduced, MX350 was the smallest razor bike on the market, which however was also huge for young kids. So, to make the playground enjoyable for all youngsters, Razor presented the MX125 motorcycle, which is actually the tiniest in their schedule. Therefore far, lots of individuals are enjoying the MX125.

With a top weight ability of 110 extra pounds, Razor designed this bike for kids over 7 years old. To maintain the youngsters risk-free, this bike has a low speed of about 8mph. However, the top speed of this bike can be impacted by your kid’s weight, with lighter children arriving rate.

The MX125 has a flight time of concerning 40 minutes when completely billed, yet numerous factors can influence this. For instance, a heavier motorcyclist can minimize the bike’s trip time. Plus, if your kid loved beginning and stopping the bike a number of times, you will notice a reduction in flight time.

Its 12-volt battery has a charge time of concerning 6 hours. The MX125 has an one-of-a-kind brake bar with a safety switch that reduces power when braking. As a result, when your kid brakes, he is in fact stopping the electric motor.

Conclusion: Being the smallest motorcycle by Razor, this bike has a 100-watt motor that’s excellent for novice riders.

5. XtremepowerUS 49cc 2-StrokeGas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike.

XtremepowerUS dirt bike is a special unit designed to be quick as well as secure without sacrificing control and also security. XtremepowerUS dirt bike has significant tires that give a stable as well as good grasp, plus premium suspension on harsh terrains. Consequently, your kid can take pleasure in smooth trips also when riding via hills and dips.

This bike likewise has both back springs and also hydraulic suspension that will certainly use your kid a smooth riding experience.

The high-torque motor engine allows your kid to cruise ship at a full throttle of 20mph. Plus, it has hand-operated back and front drake discs that can stop the bike when needed.

It has a twist-grip throttle and also substantial pneumatically-driven tires to aid your young rider to navigate the bike and control rate. This bike is excellent for providing your children some driveway commuting experience.

Given that this is powered by gas, you will not need to bother with the battery going out. The downside of that, obviously, is pollution.

Conclusion: XtremepowerUS 49cc bike is a perfect option for introducing your kids to actual dirt bikes. You can stop stressing over the battery going out since this is run by gas.

Purchaser Guide: Variables to Think About When Getting the very best Motorcycle Under 500.

Just like other exhilarating sporting activities, dust cycling can bring exhilaration and assist you handle anxiety. Dirt biking can also help boost your state of minds and also your health at the same time. So as opposed to remaining indoors or leaving your children tired inside your home, it’s an excellent alternative to let them delight in some dirt bike trips?

Usually, motorcycle are tailor-made for a specific height, weight, experience level, and age. And with so many options available, you can obtain among the very best motorcycle under $500 for your kids.

So below are a couple of variables to assist you choose the right motorcycle under 500 dollars.


Most dirt bikes are lightweight, safer, and also have an effective engine that fits for the rider. Essentially, dirt bikes come with either two-strokes or 4 strokes engines that are fun to ride.

The two-stroke bikes are less expensive as well as easier to run and also keep. Two-stroke bikes are easy, and they seem truly awesome. Regrettably, 2 strokes engine can not achieve top speeds and also will certainly need more maintenance.

Thanks to their smooth power distribution, the four-stroke bikes are much more affordable in racing scenarios and easier to ride. Unfortunately, they are much heavier, tough to start, and pricey to preserve.

So, when choosing the most effective motorcycle under 500, you need to consider your experience degree when it pertains to the type of engine.

Height-to-Weight Proportion.

Similar to all the other sorts of bikes, dirt bikes are made with a specific elevation and weight range in mind. As well as if you get the incorrect dimension, after that you can have a very unpleasant ride. A larger rider can make an electrical dirt bike utilize even more power as well as slower. And this can lead to the battery running out quickly.

So take a look at the height and also weight capacity of the bike when purchasing a motorcycle. You might have to pay even more to get the appropriate bike for a taller and heavier biker, but it will be worth it. To get the right bike for your body, you require to get a dirt bike with a seat elevation that matches your elevation. For that reason, it’s essential that the biker remains on the actual bikes in the store and find one that really feels comfy to you.

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