Best Headphones Under $50

Headphones vary considerably in price as well as top quality, though great choices are definitely listed below the $50 USD cap. If you get on a tighter budget or require a number of sets of earphones, then this post will certainly assist you to select the very best alternative for your circumstance.

Note that, at this price point, there will truly just be moving-coil/dynamic earphones. This prominent kind of headphone has actually transducers made from magnetic motors, voice coils and diaphragms. These earphones noise instead good (particularly with appropriate adjusting); they’re durable, as well as most notably, they’re economical!

What Makes A Great Moving-Coil/Dynamic Headphone?

Though the term “finest” is subjective, we need to still provide the criteria made use of to establish what makes a fantastic set of earphones.

Convenience: this is maybe the easiest yet most important criterion of any kind of headphone. Though very subjective, requirements such as weight; call stress; earpad shape/material; rigidity, and also the overall dimension play a role in comfort.

Impedance/device compatibility: compatibility with mobile and also consumer audio gadgets is essential. This implies that the impedance must be reduced to prevent required a mobile earphone amplifier. The sensitivity ranking should likewise be taken into consideration in this discussion.

Regularity reaction: a fantastic pair of earphones need to have the ability to duplicate the complete distinct range from 20 Hz– 20,000 Hz with clearness.

Wireless (specifically Bluetooth) abilities are likewise viewed as a benefit given that they better boost the performance and general convenience of the earphones. However, wireless modern technology adds price as well as in this low variety, we’ll likely have to select in between cordless abilities and also sound top quality.

Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless

The Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless are the most effective earphones under $50 with an over-ear layout that we have actually checked. They’re the previous generation of the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Wireless and have a great active noise cancelling (ANC) performance. Their ANC is best-suited for blocking out mid-range noise like workplace babble in addition to the hum of a/c systems.

These headphones have a v-shaped audio account that delivers intense smack, rumble, as well as boom to your blends. Vocals and lead tools are also bright, that makes them fit for genres like pop and also rock. Their over 32 hours of constant battery life easily lasts via long days on the move. They additionally have a comfy fit and also really feel decently strong.

However, their ANC battles to cut down the reduced roll of bus and plane engines. They likewise lack audio modification attributes like an EQ to aid personalize their noise to much better suit your tastes. However, if you like an over-ear fit, their ANC and lengthy continuous battery life make them a strong option.


If you’re an audiophile, look into the Superlux HD 681. Unlike the Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Wireless, they do not have ANC, and you can not utilize them wirelessly. Nevertheless, they have a more neutral and flat audio profile, guaranteeing that vocals and also lead tools are duplicated properly, although they still seem bright. They likewise have a semi-open-back design, so their passive soundstage seems open, huge, and also natural, which can assist immerse you in your audio. Their fit is rather comfy, and they have sizable ear cups to accommodate the majority of ear sizes. Unfortunately, they’re just indicated for studio use, meaning they don’t shut out background noise, as well as they lack a microphone. They have a mediocre construct quality as well as really feel extremely plasticky.

Take a look at the Anker if you’re looking for more flexible earphones with ANC. However, if you focus on a more neutral sound and also immersive passive soundstage, go for the Superlux rather.

Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Really Wireless

The most effective truly cordless earphones under $50 that we’ve tested are the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless. These in-ears have just under 100 hrs of total battery life, thanks to the 12.5 added fees in their lugging case. They likewise have about 7.3 hours of continuous playback time, as well as they’re even outfitted with a standby mode to help save battery life when not in use.

These headphones have a slightly bass-heavy noise profile that adds added smack, body, as well as boom to your blends, which fans of EDM and also hip-hop can enjoy. Although they do not have energetic noise cancelling, they can still passively separate you from an excellent quantity of ambient noise, like ambient babble. They have a decently comfy fit, are strong, and also have an IPX5 score for water resistance.

However, they do not have a friend app and also lack an EQ to help you readjust their audio. Their incorporated mic likewise has a hard time to divide your voice from moderate ambient sound around you, so you may not want to take calls if you’re out on a busy road. Still, These in-ears supply a versatile overall performance as well as a very long overall battery life.


If you’re looking for even less costly really wireless in-ears, take a look at the JLab Sound GO Air POP True Wireless. While their overall battery life is much shorter than the Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless, they use a functional efficiency at a lower cost factor. They have a decently comfortable fit, an excellent construct high quality, as well as are licensed IPX4 for defense versus water dashes. They additionally feature a couple of EQ presets to aid you change their sound to your preference. Utilizing the ‘JLab Trademark’ EQ, which is the flattest EQ, they have a bass-rich audio that makes sure to please followers of EDM and also hip-hop. Their continual battery life of over nine hours must last through lengthy days at the workplace too, and also their lugging instance holds an additional 3 charges, which comes in handy in a pinch.

Try the Anker if you prioritize a far better total battery efficiency. However, if you’re looking for lower-priced absolutely cordless headphones, give the JLab a shot.

Samsung AKG Type-C

The most effective wired earbuds under $50 we have actually checked are the Samsung AKG Type-C. These in-ears have a USB-C port, and you can only use them with gadgets like newer smart devices as well as laptops with an equivalent port. Nonetheless, this connection has reduced latency, so your sound and visuals stay in sync when streaming video clip.

They have a somewhat bass-heavy sound profile that provides a touch of additional boom as well as warmth. Nevertheless, it should not bewilder vocals and also lead tools, so they’re still appropriate sufficient for a variety of audio content. These headphones have a comfy fit and also a good construct top quality that feels solid and long lasting. If you take a lot of calls, their in-line mic can record your voice clearly and also normally.

However, their USB-C cable can be limiting for some customers as you can’t utilize them with tools that have an AUX port. They can additionally fall out of your ears during modest physical exercise, as well as their audio wire can snag on something, drawing them off your head. However, these no-frills earphones are among the ideal USB-C headphones we have actually checked and also make sure to please most individuals.

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