What Does It Feel Like To Ride An Electric Unicycle?

A few of us cycle or even scooter around campus. Some walk from place to location, often arriving just a few minutes early (i.e. still operating according to Harvard Time). Some students simply slack off on commitments when the cold is too many hours of work.

 It isn’t hard to find transportation options, however Marwah is the most popular. Sabrah ’21 is arguably the most stylish and coolest of all. Marwah is riding the electric skateboard since 3 years and then began using an 18-inch wheel on an electric unicycle in the last few weeks.

We met with her to discuss and the experience of being so cool. Recently some colleagues from my workplace have asked whether they could test out the electric wheels on my. They have actually seen me riding this crazy robotic to work every day and are amazed by how it’s an essential part of my commute.

Why Aren’t You Able To Move Around And Be Normal? Why?

I’m basically one of the crazy dudes who have grown tired of walking. I’m not saying that I don’t I am a fan of running and playing sports and am definitely a fitness enthusiast! However, I felt that I could get more in my daily routine by finding a faster and cheaper method to cut down on my routine walking, and do some exciting and fun.

Then, What Does It Mean?

It’s basically a motorized unicycle vehicle that is stabilized by gyroscopic technology. Controlled by body movements and movements. It’s equipped with similar technology to the more well-known Segway. It’s an easy and economical choice for personal transportation and leisure. In truth I only ride to enjoy the ride!

“It’s just a futuristic expression of life remained.”

Imagine the ability to travel miles in a matter of minutes, and yet not needing to stand in traffic, go through the motions of life or even take the bus! It’s like easily gliding along the street coupled with speed and the agility. In reality, it’s quite therapeutic to let the wind blow across your face every morning while you commute for work. But we won’t discuss when it rains.

Require a Lot of Patience and Practice

Yes, The first time I came on the web, I believed it was a simple ‘step into the air and glide’ solution – but my mistake I made! I couldn’t even hold my foot on the floor even if I moved! I started by having my dad walk slowly ahead of me and hold on to his shoulders as if for life in order to stand and stand on the beautiful thing!

But, after a long period of stuttering I saw a breakthrough. There was this moment in which everything became clear! It was like a magic connection that was established between my mind and the wheel. I noticed that every time I imagined going in a certain way, the body instantly adjusted its posture and balance.

This was recognized as intuitively by the device. It drove me to where I wanted to go! It is the right kind of person to wear these modern devices. Perhaps it’s for the fun adventurous person who loves the planet and sustainability. Or it could be an odd hipster who’s trying to stand out.

I’m going to warn you that these motorized unicycle travel pretty quickly – as fast as 30 kph! It also feels amazing knowing that you’re not hanging to anything, and being driven through your weight control, and controlled by the angle of your head. It’s an experience in speed, agility and freedom that’s unparalleled.