Best Fireplace Tv Stand Under $200

# 1. Altra Furnishings ‘Carson’– Runaway Best Seller In Budget Course.

The Carson electric fire place TV stand has more than 4,500 buyer reviews on That is insane– a great marketing electric fire place would be fortunate to have 100 testimonials. There are plenty of addressed inquiries also.

This electrical fire place media center is long and also reduced. It is 63 inches vast yet can take care of a TV set as much as 70 inches vast with an optimum weight of 135 extra pounds.

The stand itself is made from laminated particleboard. The heater is ranked to heat up the standard 400 ft. ². The electrical fireplace itself is just 18 inches large. That is really a small. The side storage compartments are generous.

# 2. Parsons Electric Fireplace TV Wait Ameriwood.

Here is the Parsons 1816096COM TV stand by Ameriwood, which shares the very same parent firm as Altra Furniture. So it is no surprise that it shares the exact same firebox as the extremely preferred Altra Carson’s. The fireplace firebox is 18 inches large as well as the heater is rated for offering extra warmth for as much as a 400 sq. ft area.

Clearly, it takes its style cues from the ageless as well as timeless Parsons style of style. As displayed in the photos below, it is available in White, Black and also Coffee surfaces. This will conveniently mix right into numerous furniture and design decors because of its tidy, simple lines as well as your capability to choose a surface of your option.

# 3. Edgewood Electric Fireplace TV Stand by Altra.

The Edgewood television stand can supporting as much as a 60 inch flat-panel TV. The TV stand itself is constructed out of particleboard in MDF.

It appears that shares the very same 18 and firebox used in the majority of other ultra furnishings electrical fire place TV stands. The fire effects are quite suitable and the heating system is ranked for offering additional heat up to 400 ft. ²

. It additionally can be found in a cherry espresso finish was not offered as well as unavailable at the time of this evaluation, but you may want to examine current availability by clicking with.

# 4. Thompson Electric Fireplace Television Stand by Altra.

This design of this electric fireplace media center is a little bit various from the console styles we have seen formerly. Though narrower in width it will accommodate a smaller sized flatscreen TV as much as 37 inches wide. it does not need to function as a TV stand, however it looks fairly wonderful on its own as a free standing electric fire place mantel.

Oddly sufficient, this narrower system actually has a bigger fireplace insert. The insert below is 23 inches large which is about 25% larger in size than the console devices. The home heating capacity is the same– supplemental warm up to 400 ft. ².

This device has a dark cherry surface.

# 5. ‘Chicago’ Electric Fireplace TV Stand by Altra.

Right here is a take a look at the Chicago 1764096PCOM electrical fire place entertainment center TV wait Altra Furniture. It is a prominent unit with lots of testimonials and also responded to questions. The fireplace is 18 inches large as well as the heater is rated for offering supplemental warm for up to a 400 sq. feet area.

Obviously, it takes its style cues from the timeless and also traditional Parsons style of layout. this will quickly blend right into lots of furniture and also layout decors due to its tidy, simple lines.

# 6. Ellington Small Electric Fireplace Stand and Mantel by Altra.

Below is the Ellington 5032096COM television stand by Altra. This is a little fire place stand– it is tough to identify. You can put up to a 32 ″ level screen television on the top. Have a look at the dimensions very carefully. You will certainly have no worry matching this electric fire place to your style. It can be found in 5 various shades.

Though it is not a huge system it utilizes the bigger firebox Altra offers … 23 ″ wide. The heating unit records supplying supplemental warm for approximately 400 square feet.

# 7. ‘Overland’ Corner Electric Fireplace Television Stand by Ameriwood.

This is a corner electrical fireplace, Overland 1805096COM TV wait Ameriwood. The finish is a dark coffee. Notice the fake stone coating boundary surrounding the fire location. That is normally located in more costly TV stands.

This room saver edge television stand will certainly manage a flat display on the top up to 50 ″ broad and 55 lbs in weight. You can not really go much larger due to the fact that you will certainly hit the walls in the corner. It provides 5 racks to maintain your AV components, books, DVDs and any kind of thing else.

This corner electrical fire place television stand uses the bigger firebox Altra & Ameriwood share– 23 ″ broad. The heater reports supplying additional warmth for as much as 400 square feet.

# 8. Electric Fireplace Stand as well as Mantel by Pedestrian Edison.

Below is the Pedestrian Edison W58FP18BL spending plan TV stand. There are several evaluations and inquiries addressed from delighted buyers, click with for a look. As revealed below it is offered in 2 surfaces: Coffee and also Black.This is a tiny fireplace stand- it is hard to identify. You can put up to a 60 ″ flat screen television on top and the shelving is flexible.

The firebox is on the little side about 18 ″ broad by 12 ″ H. It does not included a remote. The heater as well as flame have straightforward on/off buttons. The electrical fireplace maker makes no claims on home heating square video, however based upon BTU outcome 350-400 square feet would be a good estimate.

# 9. Electric Fire Place Television Stand by Home Accent Home Furnishings.

Right here is the electrical fire place television stand by House Accent Furnishings #EW 58FP4DWBL. It has a black coating, clean lines as well as glass doors on the 15 ″ wide by 13.5 ″ deep storage space compartments for an extra finished look. You can put up to a 60 ″ flat display TV on the top.

Similar to the majority of heating system boxes in the cheap airfare, the only controls are heat On/Off and also fireplace lights On/Off, no changes. No remote control. The heating system records supplying additional heat for as much as 300 square feet. When assembled it is plug as well as play.

# 10. Black Electric Fire Place TV Stand and also Mantel by Residence Accent Home Furnishings.

Here is the Home Acent EW58FP18BL electrical fireplace television stand. This has a black surface. It is made from MDF board with a laminate surface. You can put up to a 60″ flat display TV on the top. This seems really comparable to the previous access– however without the glass doors.

Just like most heating system boxes in the economy class, the only controls are warmth On/Off as well as fireplace lights On/Off, no changes. No remote control. The heating unit records supplying additional warmth for as much as 300 square feet. When assembled it is plug as well as play.

Electric Fire Place Accessories.

There are 3 accessories you may want to think about, the initial for included capability, the 2nd for added aesthetic appeals as well as pleasure.

1. Consider Electrical Socket Protection. Safer Socket has 5 little thermostats tactically positioned inside the unit monitor the temperature of the plug to make certain it is operating at a secure temperature level. Ought to there be an increase in plug temperature level which might result in an electrical fire, Safer Socket will automatically turn off the device. Click Photo below for More Secure Outlet.

2. Include Fire Crackle Sound. The audio impact of fire crackling is just offered on very high-end fireplaces, yet we have you covered. For about $30 you can include this audio maker, The box is about 2 1/2″ x 3 ″ and can connect to the fire place unseen. Click Photo listed below for Fire Crackler Sound System.

3. Wire Covers. Cords and cable televisions dangling from your electrical fireplace can truly detract from the result? This Cable Cover Kit makes it a breeze to hide wires. It’s really simple to set up and can be repainted to blend perfectly into any wall.

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