Life Is Strange – True Colors

Life is Strange has always been a game series that not only reveals what is best about people, but it also reveals the best in people through its own way. It is more than any other installment prior to it, however, True Colors is a mature and sophisticated exploration of embodied emotion for its role as an IRL phenomenon as well as a common element of narratives for video games.

The game was released in September. 10 The third installment of the series abandons the episodic release format and allows you to play the entire chapter of Alex Chen’s tale in one go. After years of being in foster care, Alex is sent to the idyllic Haven Springs, Colorado to reconnect with her older brother she was unable to contact after his transfer to juvie. After arriving, however, her brother Gabe died and Alex is thrust into an Erin Brockovich-like situation in which she has to uncover the corruption within the corporate system that’s been affecting the town for many years.

Like all Life is Strange games, Alex also possesses an ability that is not part of the MCU kind. this one, as with others that we’ve seen throughout the series, is more as a narrative device or metaphor for the character’s life experiences.

In the opening game Life is Strange game, the retro-loving Max can reverse time, adding fascinating new layers to the classic gameplay of narrative games, where your moral choices affect the narrative. (Does making the right choice even matter if it’s possible to just rewind time and erase bad choices?) The game Life Is Strange 2. Life is Strange 2featured Telekinesis, which is the most common superhero power within the game. However, unlike other games that you as the participant hasgets the best powers and abilities, this is your little brother who can control objects with his brain. Your job is to guide him through the moral issues of how to use this power in a responsible manner as two siblings of Mexican immigrants endure xenophobic attacks close to their U.S. border.

The main character in The True Colors Alex’s greatest strength is empathy. It’s like an ultrasensitive vibration checker which allows her to sense the intense emotional states that come from the auras of people’s colors. Alex can discover the motives behind their anxiety, sadness, anger, or guilt. through objects that offer glimpses into their thoughts. In the beginning, you make use of your superpower of becoming the most popular waitress at the local pub and figuring out the exact song that a stressed student is looking for someone to play from the Jukebox.

It’s an excellent narrative tool to use in a genre that is struggling in finding natural methods to examine the characters’ inner worlds and is far more entertaining than diaries or journals that attempt to play the same function with other types of games. As Alex becomes more adept at controlling her powers, her ability transforms into a way of being able to perceive what someone else is seeing. She enters their minds to assist them in confronting any personal fears or mental challenges they’re experiencing for example, as the comic book-style imaginary monster that terrorizes a young boy, or the terrifyingly blurred and deteriorating memory palace of someone with Alzheimer’s.

Let me be honest I was a bit irritated when I first learned that empathy was a superpower in the Life of Strange The True Colors. I love the show however, it has always been prone to overt, smug sentimentality that’s not necessarily earned.

I was concerned that Alex could be diminished to the stereotype of the Troubled Young Girl character, in a state of turmoil because of her sexual orientation, daddy issues, or any other. This fear was amplified due to the issue the movie The True Colors is heavily promoted to be as inclusive in the same way as the regular Pride segment. (By the way, you have the option to take on Alex as hetero, not bisexual or lesbian — it’s a narrative choice that feels like it’s a hate crime against her very clearly gay hairstyle and style).

I was worried that the game could be a reversal in Life is Strange’s lineage, in a series that debuted in 2015 at the time of the buzz surrounding”empathy games. “empathy games. ” In the early days, various narrative games, ranging from That Dragon, Cancer to Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest, were trying to take advantage of the game’s unique ability to place players in another’s view. The theory of design saw video games as real-time empathy machines that could instruct players an empathy lessons by making them feel like they were in marginalized, disregarded or secluded living experiences.

However, the critics who are gay and lesbian resisted the idea that empathy simulations could be a good idea because neither video games nor empathy is really like that. The level of empathy that you can create by playing a game is hampered by the desire of mainstream gamers or the ability to understand the challenges of those that aren’t like them. In addition, it doesn’t get to the reason why representation is even necessary as games featuring characters who are marginalized and specifically designed to help straight-cis white men feel more connected to them are not necessarily games designed for straight-cis white people.

Fortunately, True Colors is able to cut through the noise and bring a real change in what’s referred to as the “empathy game.” First and foremost, it’s not a game that’s focused on fostering empathy among players in any way. Instead, it’s a study of how a girl comes to terms with her empathy not only through using its power but also by establishing boundaries to limit its power.

It is by far the most refined and rich iteration of Life is Strange’s superpower-as-metaphor conceit, precisely because of how it speaks to the darker realities of being an empath IRL. In spite of the widespread misconceptions about empathy as a universal positive or good thing, the most successful empathy game keeps in mind the difficulties that the genre has encountered and reveals the ways that extreme sensitivity to other people’s emotions can lead to uncomfortable life-long struggles.

From the very beginning, Alex’s remarkable ability to empathize is portrayed by the therapist as being a result of a range of mental illnesses, a reality that many empaths actually are confronted with that the media rarely portrays. The more I read about her childhood and the roots of her ability as well as the more I considered how real-world empaths can be created from the scars from a turbulent early childhood. The high degree of sensitivity to others’ emotions could be a result of trauma due to growing up in dangerous environments where being alert to the emotions of adults is crucial to avoid the possibility of further trauma.

True Colors does not shy away from depicting the risks of excessive empathy. This could turn into self-harm auto-sabotage, or even manipulating others if allowed to go unchecked. Contrary to the empathy games of the past, it recognizes that empathy does not automatically turn individuals into a cult of selfless kindness, nor does it automatically transform people into saints.

Alex must first master the ability to get over tendencies to forget her sense of self-worth when she is absorbed by excessively other people’s emotions, such as when her strength escalates a conflict among her brothers and her jealous boyfriend. Alex is nice and genuinely well, sure. However, she’s also extremely sensitive, to the point of exploding and bitter about a world that fails to protect her from being the vilest aspects of humanity. She has a long history in which she’s acted out denying herself feelings and separating herself from the world in order to deal with the stress.

The loss of Gabe is felt throughout Haven Springs, though, she is finally able to break out of this cycle of avoiding. Instead of retreating, Alex seeks to continue Gabe’s healing journey from their common childhood traumas by confronting the burden of grief’s complicated, conflicting emotions, not just within herself, but also those who cared for him the most.

Life Is Strange – True Colors
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