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It was the last time that this game was available in the Nintendo console was Monster Hunter Generations, which launched via the Switch in the form of the first HD release in 2017 in Japan and later in the year 2018 across the world. The first game to be released was with the name of Monster Hunter 4, which was released for Nintendo’s 3DS on the 3DS in 2013, in Japan, and in 2015 all over the world.

The most recent entry in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series, 2018’s Monster Hunter: World, was released for both the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. PS4, Xbox One, and PC but it did not include Nintendo’s brand new console.

In spite of the fact it historically is a major player in the Asian market, World allowed the series to reach new heights and become an enormous success across the globe and was the most played game by Capcom ever that was sold 16.8 million copies.

The hopes are high for Monster Hunter Rise, which is out through Switch from the 26th of March, and it is PC release is expected in 2022.

The response towards the title has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Capcom’s action RPG has a Metacritic score of 87. This is just a few points lower than the Metascore average for Monster Hunter: World across the three platforms.

Its design for the world was mentioned in every article we read. Game Informer Jason Gisao declared that the game’s world is created with his 7.75/10 review of a place that is a live world “filled with native life and hard-to-find secrets. “

In his article on behalf in the pages of The Guardian, Dom Peppiatt stated in his review of 4/5 for the game, he felt happy to see that the title “deviates from the uncomfortable colonialist world-building from Monster Hunter: World and capitalizes on the recent global success in the Monster Hunter series. dial down the action to take things a bit slower, and take you back to a more rural community-based location: Kamura Village. “

In his review, he rated 9/10. NintendoLife’s Sayem Ahmed stated: “Each character brings color and historical context as well as historical context to Kamura in the way that hasn’t been adequately depicted in previous Monster Hunter games. It’s not all about dressing up. Monster Hunter is alive in its art and allows players to connect with the past and the world. “

Monster Hunter Rise’s world is based on Japanese folklore, and players can begin their quests from the Hub Rank which is intended for players with more experience looking to dive right into the action, or even within the town itself for players who want to get comfortable with the game in a narrative-driven style.

“What makes the Village quests so unique are the short cutscenes that appear when hunting a monster for the first time,” Kazuma Hashimoto wrote in his review of 9/10 for Siliconera. “These cuts are short and draw inspiration straight to Japanese Kabuki theatre. The narration of the characters is an overview of the creature, which is based on the appearance or backdrop of the monster.

“Unlike the cutscenes featured in Monster Hunter: World -which you can avoid on in Monster Hunter Rise — these cutscenes are more engaging and help to create an illusion of trust within the location and global environment. These little tidbits of lore and their connection to real-world Japanese mythology and folklore were pleasant. All of it is connected with random items that contain the names of hunters who were before you. “

Ahmed claimed that it’s easier than ever to experience the world of the game saying: “While Monster Hunter: World before it covered every corner and crevice with the most beautiful areas and environments It was a bit difficult to get lost even if an individual like us who invested a lot of time into the game. It’s never been an issue with Monster Hunter Rise, thanks to the less complicated geometric layout of the zones. However, they’re equally detailed and full of activities, life, collectibles, and other things to do. It’s possible to create a completely different game of Monster Hunter, just by going fishing, searching for all the species of species that are native to the area or simply exploring. “

The combat system of the game although it’s initially thought to be a bit challenging is very satisfying for gamers once they’ve grasped the concept, Dean Abdou noted in his review of 7/10 in The Gaming Bible.

“There’s a variety of playstyles for you to choose from, and once you find the right one and learn it then you’re set,” wrote the author. “Taking off monsters will be endless entertaining every time. “

Ahmed was in agreement, stating it is Monster Hunter Rise caters to everyone, regardless of the style they prefer to play, due to the inclusion of the Wirebug feature that provides players with an array of options to attack or play. In addition to that, not only is the range of weapons available diverse and varied, but they also appear distinct.

“In World, it would be too often that you’d see a big metal sword with a couple of feathers stuck onto it,” Ahmed wrote in. “However, Monster Hunter Rise has gone at its origins to fully understand the designs of the weapons and the components you create the weapons from in order to accurately shape their appearance, which means that you’ll find everything from massive hammers to extremely intricate weapons that appear like the elements of the monster you’ve created out of. “

He said: “The series has previously been criticized for having awkward, slow-moving battles, yet the reality is that each weapon is nearly perfectly balanced. The modifications to ranged weapons which were introduced with Monster Hunter: World are refined and improved to perfection in Monster Hunter Rise, meaning that they’re a lot easier to operate and aim with and even make use of the gyro-aiming feature on the Switch which is a joy to use. “

Peppiatt said that the multi-directional weapon strategies utilized in Monster Hunter: World have been reduced and “everything is more arcade-like. “

“Special attacks” can be switched out at an impulse to make the moveset more adaptable and enjoyable to play. There are 14 weapons available, interchangeable abilities, and a slew of anime-inspired special attacks that make you jump around like a particularly flashy Power Ranger… It all combines into a fun, simple action game that is a joy being able to soften an opponent to a crawl for about 15 minutes before getting it to rest with a chic splash. This is a great game for time-strapped fans of the series but it might bore veterans. “

This was among the complaints voiced by NintendoLife’s Ahmed and Siliconera’s Hashimoto and both were disappointed by the lack of a final chapter for the franchise that has seen its players accustomed to countless years of entertaining.

Additionally what Monster Hunter Rise offers is likely to not transform this game.

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