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There would be a few spin-offs of the “Monster Hunter” franchise. The lore of a series that has produced several sequels, taken players on dozens of adventures and created a menagerie beastie collection is bound to spill over into other projects.

There have been a few online multiplayer games, and some mobile versions. But the most popular spin-off was “Monster Hunter Stories.” This Japanese role-playing game has done an amazing job organizing and explaining 17 years of world-building in a logical package.

The “Monster Hunter Stories”, which is a series that focuses on the main series, focuses on Riders. This loose faction has a different approach to wildlife than the main series. Riders don’t kill beasts; they raise them and help them to become friends with the Kinship Stone. It’s the “Monster Hunter” as seen through the eyes “Pokemon.”


From this perspective, the original was able to create the world and adapt it for the JRPG. The sequel, “Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Wings of Ruin”, expands and refines this formula for the Nintendo Switch.

The game begins with the players creating their own Rider protagonist. As a young member of the Hakolo Island tribe, the hero begins as an infant. Here players will learn the basics and use the various commands available to them in the rock-scissor paper combat system. Capcom, just like the main games does not attempt to explain the details of the system. It will take some time.

The players will need to master the art of picking the right weapons, using the correct skills, and understanding the benefits of elemental attacks. These details will be easy for veterans of the franchise, but they will prove difficult for newcomers. They won’t be able to tell you that sonic blasts can excavate creatures that are buried in dirt, or that the right traps can entrap enemies and make them vulnerable to heavy attack.

Capcom has cleverly adapt the “Monster Hunter” franchise to a new genre by incorporating tactics and ideas from those games. This is only half of the story.


Players will soon find themselves as the Rider collecting eggs and raising monsters. This is the “Wings of Ruin’s” “Pokemon” section. Players will venture into dens to find hatchable monsters. They’ll find Nargacuga, Kezus, and Diablos. Players may also encounter subspecies of these “Monsties”, as the Riders refer to them.

These monsters also have their own genes and stat bonuses that allow them to use combat skills, traversal moves, and other perks. Players can also combine genes from different creatures and put them into their own monsters. The Rite of Channeling removes the donor, but it increases the inheritor’s ability to do more damage and withstand more brutal attacks. It is the key to some of the most difficult encounters.

The campaign’s pace is slowed down by the focus on genetic manipulation and collecting all the monsters. As with any JRPG, players must grind their way up to level up their Riders and monsters. It is difficult to manage dozens of creatures and use them to access secret areas on a map. The six-player party will have to face dozens of challenges and shuffle many beasts.

Capcom has introduced Quick Finish to ease this burden. A Quick Finish is a method where players can outclass their opponents by just a few levels to win a confrontation. This reduces the monotony of “Wings of Ruin”, while giving players a sense of reward and work. You can also send Monsties on Expeditions. This is similar to the Meowcenaries feature of “Monster Hunter Rise.” Players have six options for sending monsters out on adventures and can increase their level. These options can be used to save time and allow players to focus on creating the best gear and gene-splicing the most powerful monsters.


The campaign, “Wings of Ruin,” starts out slow. It takes players a while to find the monster at the center of the conflict. There is so much to discover and explore. The Rider follows in the footsteps of Red, the legendary grandfather of the hero who rode a beast known as the Guardian Ratha.

The protagonist is given Ratha’s offspring. This creature has the characteristics of a monster predicted in myths. Many believe that the Razewing Ratha is the Antichrist-monster who will end the world. Hunters are determined to get rid of it. Scriveners would like to study it. One faction has its own evil goals.

The protagonist is Razewing Ratha’s partner and must defend the young monster as well as learn how to ride it. As the players travel to the Loloska, Lamure, and Pomore Gardens, their adventure gains momentum. They’ll also meet other players who have their own playstyles and weapons.

It is here that the original “Monster Hunter Stories”, also comes in handy. While “Wings of Ruin,” is a standalone story, players who played the original game will still appreciate the callbacks and touches to the original. They will see old faces and older characters in new roles.

It all leads to a satisfying conclusion and end game. Like other JRPGs “Wings of Ruin”, will offer downloadable content for free. This allows players to explore new eggs that hold powerful Monsties. This allows players to continue their involvement even after completing a side project. It tells one of the most coherent and compelling stories in the “Monster Hunter” franchise.

Monster Hunter Stories II: Wings of Ruin. – Beginner’s Guide:

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is Wings of Ruin, the latest installment in the RPG adventure series. You’ll play as a young Rider and battle alongside a monster companion to defeat the hordes. Although the combat in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin seems simple, there is still plenty of information for returning and new players.

This Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin beginner’s guide will share some tips and tricks to make your journey easier. We will explain the mechanics that you may have missed, which are crucial to make your adventure more enjoyable. This guide contains tips and tricks on how to improve your combat performance, as well as how to make your Monsties better.


Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin’s main combat mechanic is the attack-type system. This ruleset, as explained in the combat guide, uses three types of attacks to defeat opponents or cancel their attacks altogether. When you select an attack or equipment skill, you must choose which type of attack you wish to perform: Speed, Power, or Technical.

You can usually choose any attack to harm your enemy in most cases. If you are aiming at an enemy, the type of attack you choose will be important. If you see a line of color connecting you, you will know if an enemy is targeting your target.

Your attacks against a monster will start a Head-to-Head fight. To master combat, you must learn how to win them. Based on the above wheel, the winner of a Head to Head battle is selected. You will do more damage to your opponent if you win the Head-to-Head battle and they will only barely hurt you.

If you and your Monstie are both targeted by an enemy in the same turn, and both choose attacks that would win Head-to-Head combat, you will instead perform a double attack. Double Attack does more damage than the enemy’s attack and cancels it.


Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will take you to many places. You’ll find resources that can be used to combine items, forge armor, and gear, and hidden areas such as Everdens and dens. It’s easy to overlook these objects if you don’t pay attention. Your Monsties will help you locate them all.

Every Monstie is equipped with a unique riding action that you can use to explore the open world and find resources or destinations. Go to your Camp Menu and select Lead Monstie to find out which abilities your friends have. You’ll see which Riding Actions your friends have in this menu.

You’ll be able to use Ranmar, a Monstie, to jump over designated gaps early in the game. Other Monsties like Kulu Ya Ku have the ability to search for objects. The Nest Searchability of this creature allows you to locate dens and eggs by pressing a button. This skill will allow you to tag any dens or eggs in your area on your map.

Every Monstie is unique, so after you hatch a creature and have found the right egg, find out their abilities.


Survival in Monster Hunter Stories 2 is possible by winning Head-To-Head fights and using the right Riding Actions. You need a lot of diversity to make a team successful.

It is important to have a balanced roster of fighting types. Every Monstie has a preference for a particular type of attack. Pay attention to the icons on your menu that indicate whether they prefer Speed, Technical, Power, or both. You can take two of each and you will be able to fight any monster, even if it rages or swaps tactics.

Similar to Wings of Ruin, you will encounter duplicates in the early stages of the game. You will not be able to access certain areas of the world if you don’t have a specific riding action, so make sure you have enough. You’re missing out on Riding Actions such as Swim if every monster you own can jump gaps like Ranmar.

Before you leave the Stable to embark on a new mission, keep your Riding Actions and Combat Preferences in mind. It’s not a good idea to find a treasure box behind a rock only to realize that you have to return to the town to get a Rock Breaker Monstie.


Most of the items you will need can be found by visiting the local item vendor and forging weapons and armor at the smithy. These shops should be easy to find if you are farming early in the game for zenny. Bottle caps are required to obtain some of the rarer items in the game.

This currency is the only type of cash the Melynx secretive vendors will accept. Each of these vendors can be found hidden in every town. Bottle caps can be obtained from subquest on the quest board, but this currency can also be found in Everdens. This currency is used to purchase powerful gear that you cannot make yourself. Unique items can be found, such as those that unlock new hairstyles and improve your stability size.

Stock up if you come across an Everden or subquest offering bottle caps. You can purchase strong armor and weapons to help you get through the story if you have enough.


In Wings of Ruin, you will learn how to hatch eggs and turn them into miniature Monsties. Although both your stable and Egg Carton are limited in space, you can use them to hoard many Monsties (born and unborn) simultaneously.

While your Monsties are initially units that you can use to ride around the globe or fight, you will eventually be using them for currency in the Rite of Channeling. You will need to have a lot of Monsties to make your Monsties better and to make them more valuable. Good eggs are even better.

Wings of Ruin’s cruel reality is that you will eventually convert these Monsties and eggs into currency. It is a good idea to have a lot of stock in case you need it. This brings us to Rite of Channeling.

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